About us

Our priority is a safe supply!

Our name has a core significance for us.

„Aleph“ comes from Hebrew and can be translated as ‘beginning’. Here we feel a strong bond with Israel. After all, the foundations for today's modern cannabis research were laid there.

„Sana“ comes from the Greek language and means ‘healthy’. Because we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously and the wellbeing of the patients is the most important.

That’s why our portfolio contains only prime products of consistent and high quality to guarantee targeted, and safe therapy.

To ensure this, we provide doctors, pharmacists and healthcare professionals with trainings and workshops for our products.

Our Products

High quality cannabis products

All our products come from GDP- & GMP-certified partners.

International import & export network

We constantly increase the number of countries which produce and sell medical cannabis.

Expert hotline

Do you have questions? Our expert team can help you out at each step.

Patient-oriented services

Individual therapy for the patients is what we are focused on. Hence our product portfolio is tailored for this.

alephSana‘s priority is to work with the responsible manufacturers from all over the world who have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market and can supply high quality flowers and extracts.